October 7, Miami-Whitewater Forest

I had been thinking for some time about doing the lake at Miami-Whitewater Forest, but I was waiting for the right time. I think it came with the Fall. I set up on the sidewalk next to the lake amongst the fishermen just outside the park visitor center. Looking across the water, the trees were coming into their full fall blush of reds and yellows. The lake was alternately smooth as a mirror and then ruffled into hammered metal by the breeze. This time I modified a masonite panel to make a wide format painting, 10 x 16.  I felt that this would help emphasize the wide expanse of water. I worked a lot on the reflections and surface texture of the water as this is often when fall impresses me the most, seeing the colors reflected in water.

Painting in such a public spot elicited lots of comments from passers-by. Virtually all of them were positive (people are usually too polite to say anything negative), and the interruptions were minimal. Normally I paint in somewhat out-of-the-way places so as to avoid interruptions, but I did enjoy the interactions with people today.  A plein air painter’s supply company sells a T-Shirt with all the answers to the questions people usually ask printed on the back: “Yes, I am an artist,”  “Yes, I did take lessons,”  “I’m sure your Aunt Jane paints wonderful pictures,”  and etc.  I guess I’m too polite to wear one.Painting at MiamiWF

"Fall Lake" 10 x 16 acrylic on panel

"Fall Lake" 10 x 16 acrylic on panel


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