October 1, Miami-Whitewater

The last time I painted here, I was looking for some late summer wildflower color in the scene I had painted twice before, the west entrance to Miami-Whitewater Forest.  Now I was here looking for some fall color. The trees were still green, but the goldenrod in the field was in full bloom. Actually, it looked like I had missed the peak, but not by much. The color was still there if only slightly muted. There were even some New England Asters, a vivid purple flower, that contrasted nicely with the goldenrod. So, I set up to paint and the gray, misty sky that was present when I arrived gradually morphed into a vivid blue. The one blot on the day was the presence of some very aggressive yellowjackets. They seemed to come in waves, not bothering me for awhile, and then suddenly there would be a half dozen buzzing my face and crawling over my brushes. I tried to ignore them, but eventually got stung while defending myself.
The painting worked out pretty well despite the distractions. I don’t have a photo of my work site because my camera’s battery was dead, but you’ve seen it before. If you’re familiar with Miami-Whitewater, you’ve probably seen the spot: Just inside the west entrance, next to the Bluebird nest box on the right hand side of the road just before you pass two trees.  You should be able to recognize it from the paintings. I left out the road and entry station, as I normally leave out human constructions from my paintings.

West Entrance, October  11 x 14 acrylic on panel

West Entrance, October 11 x 14 acrylic on panel


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